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The Future Generations Trust

Wild Frontiers Uganda’s Responsible Tourism Policy

As a tourism stakeholder, we believe in low-impact tourism to conserve Uganda’s wildlife and heritage for future generations to enjoy. With our understanding and shared passion for biodiversity, our active Responsible Tourism Policy actively and consciously aims to protect the surrounding communities and wildlife areas in which we operate daily.


Our tours are centred around experiencing, viewing and photographing wildlife – but with as little impact on the wildlife and environment as possible. We also operate tours involving community activities, and we aim to ensure that they are as authentic and non-invasive as possible for the people involved.


Our operations are almost exclusively managed by a Ugandan staff complement (over 95%) and are fully Ugandan registered, operating in a legal and tax compliant manner belonging to trade and industry associations such as AUTO, ATTA, and USAGA. Where possible, we also sit on the boards of these organisations to provide guidance within the industry, so that others may also benefit from our experiences learnt over more than twenty years of tourism in Africa.



We choose to utilise facilities for our guests that comply with these low-impact aims: from using fuel-efficient vehicles and boats, to running accommodation at small intimate camps and lodges with sustainable fuel usage, we encourage our safari guests to act responsibly with insight and understanding of local customs. Through these actions and more, we hope to ensure that safaris in Uganda are more enjoyable and fulfilling.