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The Future Generations Trust

Our Projects

The Large Carnivore Monitoring Project

As the most hands-on of our conservation projects to date, Future Generations Trust supports The Large Carnivore Monitoring Project. Spurred on by the dwindling number of famed tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha Area of Queen Elizabeth Park, this project aims to count, monitor, and protect the major carnivores of the area to gain the essential knowledge needed to preserve and grow these threatened populations. Aided by the assistance of PhD Animal Biologists working in the area, this long-term, ongoing project aims to count and track these animals more systematically and effectively to have a lasting impact on carnivore population health and size.

The Bwindi Hospital in Buhoma

Bwindi is the epicentre of gorilla tourism in Uganda and has grown tremendously over the years. Experience has shown that this hospital project, which has been running for some time, plays a crucial part in supporting the large and scattered community of Bwindi – which is why we choose to support it with annual donations, and often take visitors to see the incredible work that is being done first-hand.

Medical Outreach Camp – Mubaku, Murchison Falls NP

With official figures of over 85 000 people living in the community areas around Mubaku, adjacent to MFNP and only a few very basic medical clinics available FGT arranges and hosts regular Medical Outreach Camps to support these communities.  

A team of medical experts, equipment, medicines and services are brought in from Kampala to hold a 4 day “pop up” medical facility helping treat over 200 people each day, many of them children.  Educational officers support the “ healthy living” concept with lectures and demonstrations at local school and community clinic.  Additionally, referrals and donations are provided to as many as possible, but it is quite a sight to see so many people patiently queuing and in need of basic health and medical assistance. FGT is committed to continuing to help as many as possible with this programme.

Medical Outreach Camp
Medical Outreach Camp

Ishasha Community Uplift Group

This Group’s livelihoods are focused on subsistence farming and are based in a small rural community, close to the southern edge of the Queen Elizabeth National Park. This community faces daily challenges, including crop-raiding by animals from the nearby park, which can have a huge impact as they work their land towards earning a living to support their families. By setting up a community Savings and Credit scheme which allows them to work together to build up larger savings, the community has been able to invest in additional land for farming as well as income-bearing projects such as chicken and goat rearing. 

An additional educational tourism activity in the area, Agartha’s Taste of Uganda Tour, also helps to generate income for the community. Agartha is a craftswoman, tailor, and subsistence farmer who welcomes visitors into her homestead and shares knowledge about how the women of the Bakiga tribe prepare their local food and keep their homes. During this fascinating interactive tour, which can be booked as part of your Ugandan safari, Agartha weaves together stories of Bakiga life, whilst encouraging her guests to taste the food that they have prepared together.

The Batwa Experiences at Buhoma, Bwindi

We also support visitors participating in the Batwa experiences, created as part of the Batwa Empowerment Village (BEV), as well as community visits.

BEV offers several different experiences to visitors, including a cultural experience in the forest where Batwa guides show guests how they lived and hunted, while teaching them about medicinal plants and how to watch for animals and birds. During this inspiring experience, guests may opt to share a traditional meal with the Batwa, hear ancient legends and traditional songs, and join in a mock hunting party. They can even test their skill with a Batwa bow and arrow, and participate in traditional dances, helping to spread knowledge of the Batwa while empowering their community.

Ride 4 a Woman In Buhoma

Ride 4 a Woman is a charitable organisation set up to support and empower women struggling with poverty, HIV, and domestic violence in Buhoma, Bwindi. Future Generations Trust provides ongoing support to these women by buying, using, and selling their locally made products and regularly taking guests to visit and support their projects.

Wildlife Clubs of Uganda

Started in 1975, Wildlife Clubs of Uganda is a nationwide organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and the environment by engaging youth in conservation education. A network of over 1,000 Wildlife Clubsis maintained in schools and communities nationwide, where they work with youth every day to realize the importance of Uganda’s wildlife, wild landscapes, and natural resources. In all of these activities, a more sustainable and prosperous future for all Ugandans is championed. Future Generations Trust is initiating Wildlife Clubs at:

  • Paraa Primary School for the youth surrounding Paraa at Murchison Falls National Park
  • Zendaiere Primary School for the youth adjacent to Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Watoto Primary School in Buhoma adjacent to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Uganda Conservation Foundation

We actively collaborate and encourage support of this organisation, which is involved in many productive projects around Uganda. These include the Elephant trench in Ishasha, which is close to our Ishasha Community and Wilderness Camp. The Uganda Conservation Foundation works tirelessly on Park Recovery in Uganda, as well as a network of Anti-Poaching activities, mainly in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park. The Foundation has provided invaluable support to The Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Bwindi Community Vocational College

With the need to provide specialist tourism hospitality staff in the Bwindi area we have partnered with Bwindi Community Vocational College who provide training courses for members of the community. Future Generations Trust provides funding towards lecturer fees and training costs as well as assisting with providing internship positions at lodges within the area, such as Buhoma Lodge, for the young up and coming tourism students.